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Thread: rearsets

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    how are the tech G rearsets

    its just its hard to spend 600 for a pair of sato or something like that

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    Random CNC stuff from Thailand? You might find them to be less handy for finding crash spares because they're unlikely to be supported anywhere but the internet but there's a reason why everyone and their pet monkey makes rearsets. They're a very simple product and I'm sure you'll be really happy with them. I like companies like Woodcraft because there's interchange with stock parts and pretty widely available support but that's a decent price and they look good.

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    They look just like another Ebay company caled Otimoto. Garbage garbage garbage. They are not made out of the same quality of material that the more expensive ones are and they tend to flex...alot. I had a set on my Gixxer and another guy had the Otimoto oh his Duc and both flexed and eventualy bent.
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