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Thread: Funny CL ad - Poser for hire

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    Funny CL ad - Poser for hire

    Scooped off another forum, but funny enough to recycle imo:

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

    Bike services from a BIKETUNER (nnj)

    Reply [Errors when replying to ads?]
    Date: 2009-05-19, 2:11PM EDT

    Due to high demand please be sure to contact me now. I rode 22 bike in the last three weeks alone!

    Do you want to know how cool your bike looks or what it sounds like when it's revving out as you go zooming up the street? I will come to you house and ride your bike up and down the street in front of your house like so fast so you can see it and you can take pics if you want. I've got the whole little costume, helmet and shit and I even have a motorcycle license so it's all cool in case the cops come. I can pretend I am in a race with myself on your bike and then you will know how cool you look when you are whipping up your street past all the kids. I know how to ride almost any bike but I am not going to do this on anything where you have to shift the gears with your hand instead of your foot or a BMW cause those things fucking suck. If you want me to light the tire and do a burnout on your bike I can! You can run inside and get some bleach and pour it on the rear tire when I am doing it and all your neighbors will think you have a top fuel dragster or some shit when they see all the smoke. I really don't want to ride anyone on the back when I do this for you so don't have any girls around. And your bike must be in good shape cause I don't wanna die out there. No mexican shit. I have been performing this service for years to ALL of my friends and I am very good at it.

    PLEASE NOTE: I am not posting this because I am trying to steal anyone's motorcycle. I show up at your house in my own car and my wife of many years is with me and she takes pics too for our family album. I am a family man, 49 years old and I know motorcycles inside and out. I used to work on race cars. No monkey business here. You can talk with my wife while I get used to your bike.

    Holla at me up if you need to see how cool you ride is. WU TANG MUTHAFUCKERS! WU TANG!


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    Wow, that's a good business. haha

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    I'll do the exact same service as him, but for free.

    Excluding the whole "not stealing your motorcycle while you takes pictures of it driving down the street for the last time" bit.

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    Nice DRIVING suit he's got there.
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