Painting Kitchen cabinet doors?
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Thread: Painting Kitchen cabinet doors?

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    Painting Kitchen cabinet doors?

    I know there are a few painters on this forum..

    I'm wondering if these kitchen doors can be spray painted (car paint?..) Or what the best painting option is.

    The doors are about 12 years old. I'm not to sure what the doors are covered in, I know they are not thermofoil.. maybe melamine?

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    Are you sure they're not just painted? I would assume you could strip them and repaint them with household paint
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    They look as though they have been painted?

    I would suggest just going over them with some light sandpaper and taking a brush and small roller to them, if you are going to paint them.
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    yes, you can paint them. U can use a melamine paint and use a foam roller to go over the field and use a foam brush to dab the corners so they don't gob up with paint. Better to do two or three light coats instead of one thick coat.

    Done this before.

    don't forget to wash the doors with tsp and rinse with water and let dry first before painting. Light sanding still applies.

    you can also spray paint them using a air sprayer.

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    looks like it may be a melamine. if so not sure if you can paint it directly. i'd put a coat of primer first just to be on a safe side.

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