Dealz on some new gear....
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Thread: Dealz on some new gear....

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    Arrow Dealz on some new gear....

    Was tooling around in Maple Ditch yesterday & stopped by "Sleepers" (a furniture/mattress place) that was oddly advertising bike gear-- On Dewdney at 235th(?) on the south side.

    They had boots, leathers, and helmets
    Helmets: Shoei(!) Arai(!), Bieffe, AGV and a couple other brands---all $50. Must be old stock---some of the colours were ghastly, but hey----$50 for a snell approved lid is pretty good (assuming they aren't some counterfeit)

    Leather jackets, pants: $50 each (I didn't look closely so I don't know the quality or brands.

    Boots: $50----- Kinda clownish looking..

    Anyway, some of this stuff might be worth checking out.
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    I keep passing by that place, but I've never actually checked it out, I thought it was just someone selling used gear, maybe someone who knows something could post up on whether the gear is legit...

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