Keeping a deep freeze outside?
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Thread: Keeping a deep freeze outside?

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    Keeping a deep freeze outside?

    I know some people that keep a deep freeze outside on there porch..

    I asked at the home depot to find out if you can keep a deep freeze (5 - 7 cubic feet) outside, the lady said no.. and that it had to stay at 21 degrees or so..

    Does the extreme cold (-10) and extreme heat (+30) affect it at all?..

    Any first hand experience? can't find much online about this.
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    Extreme temperatures can and possibly will affect your freezer.

    Refrigerant gets compressed, this hot compressed gas goes into the condenser and becomes a cool liquid. The cool liquid then enters the freezer where it evaporates, sucks up heat, and becomes gaseous again.

    When it's too hot, the gas may not condense therefore you get 0 cooling power, eventually the compressor overheats and shuts off.
    When it's too cold, liquid refrigerant may not fully evaporate, since compressor can't compress liquid, it shuts off.

    It all depends on the gas in your freezer and whether or not it's fully charged. If you are using R134a, the minimum is around -25'C, maximum depends on the pressure level and condenser size in your freezer (usually they should be fine below 40'C)

    Above info in plain English, use it within manufacture guidelines. But you can always experiment, it shouldn't hurt a modern freezer with fuses and cut-off switches.
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