Scooter city Jakarta
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    Scooter city Jakarta

    Back from a week of Jakarta, zillions of scooters there...
    Found you could rent a V-rod for 80 USD per day! Must... do that next time when I'm not on business...

    Checking for bombs in all incoming cars at the Intercontinental
    Cagers diet for vanity.
    Riders diet for power to weight ratio.

    Paved roads: another waste of taxpayer's money.

    Unfortunately, laws of economics also apply to human life; as supply increases, its value decreases.

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    Could you IMAGINE how the local card drivers would react in the second from the top pic?!?

    OMFG Take Mr. Mercedez driver and watch him spit up his 5 sylable starbuck coffee.

    Aaaah ha ha ha

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    I think I have the same pictures! Riding a scooter in Indonesia is what prompted me to get my moto license

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    People with expensive cars just drive their car slower, with a wide berth, plenty of spaces on the front of their cars for motorcycles to cut them. the sides of the cars cannot be helped, if there's only half an inch of space or less between ur car and their mirrors, they dont give a shit, they will pass your side.

    You hit them, its your fault, they hit you, its your fault, they scratch your car, they dont have any money to pay you. So since there are plenty of lower class ppl tat can only afford motorcycles as their family/personal ride (coz its wayyyy cheaper than cars), there are millions of them in the street.

    When you're a cager in Jakarta, you have to be aware of the 3 motorcycle behind you, 2 in front, 2 to your left and behind your blind spot, and 1 to your right near your side mirror. Your blind spot is EVERY inch of your car.

    Quickest way to die in Jakarta is to ride here. You cant imagine how many bikers I've seen personally clipped in my 7 months here.

    bikes here carry anything from a set of 4 car rims, to furnitures, to lcd tv boxes, huge sacks of clothing that is 3 times wider than their bike, 4-5 riders at one time with no helmets, etc.

    Here's some example: (do they make helmets for babies?)

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