Is buying a new but old model helmet okay?
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Thread: Is buying a new but old model helmet okay?

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    Is buying a new but old model helmet okay?

    I bought a helmet from a reputable local motorcycle store. It is brand new but from the clearance section. Manufactured date is 2004. Is this okay or am I putting myself in danger?? It is a Shoei by the way and I paid $400 for it.. I figured even if it is old model it is still a Shoei.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I purchased my 2004 Arai from a mainland shop in 2007. Don't think there's any issues with it... I've only recently broken one of the visor pods, but Arai has graciously sent me replacement pods for BOTH sides, free of cost under warranty.

    So long as you know its brand new, and it fits, why not?
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    Use the search function, this exact same topic was discussed in the last couple of months, extensively.
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    do you realize that when you show up for group rides/starbucks runs with a five year old helmet, people will shun you and consider you beneath them.

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    look at the build date on the helmet. Should be on the strap base.

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    As far as I know, as long as the helmet has not been stored in extreme temperatures and has not been exposed to sweat, gel, etc then it should be fine.
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