So, I have 5 days off (June 19-23) and I decided its time to really get to know my KLR.

I thought up a rough route thats 4-6 hours riding a day, and involves the destinations I actually want to get to as well as some that I really don't care about.

Destinations required on the trip
Kimberley B.C.
Williams Lake (If I can get through with all that fire)

Thursday night I plan to head for Osoyoos. 4-5 hours depending on pace and traffic, camp somewhere for the night.

Friday, I'll get up early and head for kimberley, spend the day with family and enjoy being there for a bit.

Saturday, Kimberley - somewhere. Depending on how long grey creek pass takes and how I feel after I will head towards vernon, and will stop somewhere en route to williams lake
Sunday, Somewhere - Williams Lake. I'm headed there to see a friend, have a few drinks

Monday The Lake - Pemberton. nice easy ride, meet up with another friend or 2...

Tuesday Pemberton - Home, either the back way through harrison or the S2S. We'll see how I feel.

Any tips, must sees and must avoids would do me a world of good. Are my days too light for a solo trip? Will I end up being bored and not able to leave my gear anywhere? I don't think i'll get worn out from 5 days of 5 hour rides. That seems like too little but I want to be on the safe side, especially with friends and family to visit.

Thanks for checking it out.