glove designVSreal life crashes
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Thread: glove designVSreal life crashes

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    glove designVSreal life crashes

    OK i notice a lot of the higher end gloves have carbon fibre knuckles and little plates on fingers, while the palm area is pretty thin.
    The question is,don't you usually go down hands forward and palms open? how often do you really land on your knuckles?
    I went down once and scraped the palm part of the glove.

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    I'm thinking that if your skidding down the street, your arms might be flailing about, and given the way your elbows bend it's the back of your hand that would be the first to hit something. (Think of how you might back hand someone...)

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    I think the knuckles are for beating on people. Plus they look cool...errm, or they're suppose to look cool.

    My last pair of gloves had a REAL thick palm, packed with gel...they were like touring type gloves I think (Firstgear). They took a fair number of crashes, and still work okay. Now I have these Teknic 'race' style gloves with a VERY thin palm material. I think they're the same ones that were in that RMS give-away last month. Although they offer a lot more feel, I can't see them being useful for more than one crash.
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    When I went down at low speed in october I ground the knuckle armour on both gloves halfway down and somehow hit the palm pads on both as well. I can't remember exactly how I went down except that I tucked the front and rolled a bit.. so yeah, that armour was pretty valuable for me. Coulda been my knuckles!
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    I think if you go down on your palms...the road is gonna curl your fingers under pretty if you happen to still be hanging on to the bike, your knuckles are very exposed.
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    I think there are several reasons for the palm side of your gloves to have less protection than the back side of your hand:

    The extra material like carbon fiber is to protect the bones from breaking from impact, on your palm there is more muscle to protect your bone.

    Your need the "thinner" material on the palm side so you can have more feel and more direct control on the handle bar.

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    I did a nice 15-20mph lock the front wheel low side last year.

    I hit the ground with both hands open. Natural reflexes are going to prevent you from balling up your hands. The little plastic buttons on th palm took a good hit and afew were torn off. The integrity of the glove remained with only little tearing to the leather. They are a Honda product with thick palm leather.

    I believe once you are going fast enough to get a few tumbles going the knuckle armour can come in handy as well.
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    I had a cheap pair of Teknics on during my duel with a car on Lougheed. Came off at 90 clicks and the only damage to the gloves were the worn down knuckles. Looking at them afterwords definitely makes you appreciate them. Don't remember how I fell but for what its worth, they're worth it

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    "I hit the ground with both hands open. Natural reflexes are going to prevent you from balling up your hands."

    This is what causes skiers' thumb. It goes back to our tree-swinging days. Your hands are trying to grab something to stop the fall. It took me years to break that instinct.


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    OH YEAH!
    the palm section has to be thin, otherwise you can't hold on to the handle bar and won't feel at all.
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    Harps.. if you got the Taknics with the Kangaroo Leather palm... i think it is actually tuffer than cow hide, which allows it to be thinner?

    i dont know just a guess?
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