Some quick help/suggestions pleezzzee
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Thread: Some quick help/suggestions pleezzzee

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    Some quick help/suggestions pleezzzee

    i was looking through the buy and sell for a new bike and there was a 2002 R1 for sale. unfortunately i can't get the fricken phone number to call the fella cuz i have to subscribe to some ADVANTAGE thing in order to get it. i was wondering if anyone had access to this and could possibly do me a huge favor and get this person's phone number for me. if not, i guess i'll have to subscribe....darnit!


    ... and remember, i saw the add first
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    What's the description of the ad? What color is the bike? I can probably help you out =D and don't worry, I won't try and steal the deal from you. I am getting a 03 gixxer 1k
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