I posted this in the new rider section, but actually I thought it might be relevant to new female riders. Perhaps my experience is like some other woman's... tentative, scared. I did my course at BC Safety Council and then rode a 50 cc scooter and a few other friends bikes before I went on the annual BMW ladies ride held in Delta and tried out a few BMW's. I fell in love with the F650GS and I got a new BMW F650GS from Pacific Yamaha BMW in Richmond.
I was a bit intimidated at first, but the low seat and upright position made it feel great for me. I am a bit uncoordinated (ok a lot!), and the gears shift so smoothly. I've heard new riders talk about other bikes stalling - but even with my uncoordination, this bike has not stalled. There's a large display which tells you what gear you are in and auto turn off of turn signals. Also, the engine won't go on with the kickstand down. These were all things that I struggled with as a new rider on other bikes.

Oh one other thing, I get cold alot. The tips of my fingers get cold even on warm days... this bike has very little vibration so that helps my blood circulation and also it comes with heated grips. I got the bigger windscreen and the ferring helps keep the cold off me. This means I get to ride my bike on more days and get more experienced... after all isn't that the ideal starter bike?