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    Angel Girl

    Is there a way...

    Okay, I got my Ninja 500 (silver) yesterday!!!! Oh my gawd! My first time on my bike was such a thrill!!!
    I have a question and hope you guys can help me. Is there a way to loosen the tension on the clutch? My left hand is sore from using it, and almost cramped up while riding. Being right handed, I don't have a lot of strength in my left hand, and found it very difficult. Maybe it's just because the bike is brand new?

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    wait till after the first service to change things around like that. the first few days of riding my 929 i was sore in the morning like i had just played 4 hours of ice hockey.

    youll get used to it.... try exercising your forearms a bit chances are you just need to build some muscle and it will get better....

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    you can adjust the point of where the clutch starts to grab, but other than having the cable well lubed and greased, the tension is set by the clutch springs, and not adjustable. Just ask the service manager about the adjustment, and try little steps at a time.
    In the meantime, stretch your hand before you ride, and like Jon said, you'll probably just get used to it!
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    I've had similar problems with the clutch. Mine's more due to the fact my hands are small so I engaged the clutch with the tips of my fingers where the muscles aren't as strong. Talk about sore!!!!! So I've always reset the point where my clutch cuts in. (Drives my guy nuts the few times I've let him actually ride my baby. There's a story behind that - not just me being bitchy. )

    If you do alter your clutch make sure the shop knows about it when you take it in for service. Mine kept coming back with the clutch readjusted and I'd have to get used to it all over again. Blah.

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    BTW Angel Girl... love the avatar!

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    If the bike doesn't have it already, you can usualy find adjustable levers.....they have a thumbwheel that you spin to adjust the distance from the lever to the bar......closer to the bar...the more strength your hand has
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    You can also adjust the position of the clutch lever on your handlebar. It's particularly hard on the wrist/forearm if you have it set too high and have to angle your hand back to get at it all the time.
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    Stop using the clutch for every shift. Start clutchless upshifting. you'll be gald you did.

    just put a little pressure on the shifter before you want to shift... right when you want to shift lift up on the shifter nad lift off the gas just a touch all at the same time. You only neeed to lift the gas for for a split second.

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    in addition to actionmechanics post

    I think that you'll be fine once you get used to the tension on the clutch. It'll take a few weeks but the only thing I could suggest is when your hand gets tired, place your finger tips on the bar and flex your hand downward. Stretching it out will help a bit. Its jsut a matter of time and you won't even remember it was hurting.

    Another tip is to get used to riding at low speed as well. If you can ride at low speed in first gear it could save you a bit in the clutching department. Be careful riding at low speed though because if the engine lugs at all, it could upset the bike a bike and you could drop it.

    As for clutchless shifting, become confident using the clutch first. Become coinfident with proper riding skills before you start changing things. Habits are hard to break. Clutchless shifting could damage you tranny.
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