watch for the animals on sumas mountain :D
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Thread: watch for the animals on sumas mountain :D

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    Talking watch for the animals on sumas mountain :D

    im coming up on almost 1 yr of riding my motorcycle and i finally hit my first animal :P well, at least i think i did. i was just cruising along an empty treeish road, and out pops one of those dumb, small birds that swoop out onto the road when it hears something. they usually fly to the other side but this bird had other plans. it darted out into the middle of the road as usual then quickly made a 180 RIGHT in front of me. i thought he was gonna make it but as i kept my eye on the bird, it got closer to my bike and vanished from under my wheel. i quickly had thoughts of it getting wedge somewhere in my wheel and saw myself fly off the road, but im glad that drama saved itself from another time. i quickly stopped right after to check out my bike for blood, guts, feathers, anything...but thankfully nothing. i looked behind me on the road for a dead bird carcass...but nothing. so i moved on.

    10 mins after that little heart stop, i approached a bear from behind taking a stroll down the side of the road. i hit the breaks and slowed down to a walking pace and moved over away from the bear. i revved up my engine to try and alert the bear, which work out perfectly. as soon as i hit the gas, the bear booked it into the bush just as fast without looking back. we both went on our ways.

    both these great times took place on sumas mountain. i love that mountain, big beautiful houses, lots of twisty roads, animals that stole about. one of the better after work type runs i enjoy time after time.
    Why are the animals always mooning me?

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    Awe shoot, I've been up there so many times and never seen anything.

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    I was up there last year with 8 supermoto bikes and with all that nosie a deer ran right though the pack of bikes don't know how no one hit it
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    saw a deer crossing the road up there last time I went about 1 month ago.

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