Road traps?
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Thread: Road traps?

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    Road traps?

    Just wondering if people could post up where they commonly see road traps in their area. We might be able to keep some money in our pockets instead of giving it to the feds. Today, on the radio, I heard that was one while heading north over the Golden Ears bridge.

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    Get Trapster on your iPhone. It tells you all the traps reported by users.

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    who has a iphone? not me!
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    I DL'ed a copy of Trapster for my iPhone. Had to shut it off after an afternoon of driving downtown as it warned me of possible speed traps every three blocks. Sorta annoying with so much squawking going on while I'm driving.

    I'm going to try it out on my Canada Day drive to Whistler. I'm sure I'll pass at least 1 speed trap on the S2S that day.
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