RIP to those who passed away in Iran
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Thread: RIP to those who passed away in Iran

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    RIP to those who passed away in Iran

    Words may be futile on this forum on the internet. But not every story of the revolution in Iran falls upon Deaf ears. In particular is the story of 17 y/old Neda of Iran. It may be the sick nature of humanity that draws us to this story, but nonetheless it has been told and retold exponential times. Perhaps it is the idea of a common enemy that unites the people which makes this story so sensational that news outlets have begun looping videos of Neda's last moments.

    A martyr is one who suffers for the sake of principle. A revolution is an overthrow of government by those who are governed. Neda, willingly or not, has suffered for the principle of democracy. The revolution has not occured yet, but as more people fixate their eyes towards the incidents in Iran the threshold of a revolution grows nearer. Without her knowledge Neda has become a martyr of a revolution in progress. A symbol of hope and unity for a nation in turmoil. Her recorded death and the deaths of many others serves as a bridge between all societies and peoples. Neda was shot dead by an unknown gunman while she protested in the streets of Iran, energized by her father and thousands of others who were by her side. Intentional shooting or misfire, the truth is unknown.

    It is important to understand the ideologies at work in Iran before one vents their seething anger at the forces of authority. It is okay to be angry, especially after one witnesses the video of Neda's passing, her blood filled eyes will be seared in my memory forever. It is important that the protesters in Iran continue in the most peaceful manner possible. If an officer dies at the hands of protestors the advancements made so far by the people may be frozen forever. It is almost essential to bring the police on the side of the protestors. Even if that is not possible, reason for more aggression should not be given. If other branches of the 'Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution' are brought it may lead to an extreme suppression of the people, with many innocents dead.

    The foundation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was ideologically motivated. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current dictator of Iran, served in the Basij branch of the Revolutionary Guard. This faction of the Iranian military is comprised mostly of the far right, what some might call the fanatics. To them their work is a higher calling, and the murder or suppression of innocents would pass through their minds without a qualm as they carry out the orders of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He is the Supreme Leader of Iran, a position that vests upon him the highest position of political authority and more dangerously the highest position of religious authority. He appoints the chief judge, commanders of the army and even the head of the national radio and television network. The elites of Iran are obliged to this man who gave them their positions. The workers under the elites are tied to this man because of his religious authority. It must be understood, that there is no higher authority than that of god. The far right will labour under his words as long as he commands this higher authority.

    If nothing, I hope at least those who read this walk away with a further understand of the forces currently clashing in Iran. Around 65% of Iran's population is made up of youth. They are the ones that feverishly fight to bring Persia to its glory days of the past. If still you have accomplished nothing from reading this then hopefully the following videos will strike a chord in your conscience. Waking you up to the realities of the world outside the confines of Western civilization.


    "Iran has waiting long enough to be free" - Roger Cohen, NyTimes

    Graphic Videos: Do not watch if you can't take blood. Do not watch if you don't wish to see someone die.

    Article by Roger Cohen. A courageous reporter on the streets of Iran.
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    thank you.

    I am ashamed sometimes...We complain about Liberals & Conservatives, Republicans & Democrats, cagers and cyclists, squids and gear nazis...and in the end it really doesn't matter. There are more important things in the world.


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    Horrible video, makes me ashamed to even be human.

    Fuck keep the peace. Why, so the people can be shot down like dogs in the streets by the "Guardians of the Islamic Revolution"? There is no reasoning with these psychopaths, they will kill you in the blink of an eye.

    People of Iran need to assert their "2nd amendment right" and fight back otherwise they will just be slaughtered.

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