Shipping to the border. Where?
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Thread: Shipping to the border. Where?

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    Shipping to the border. Where?

    I need to ship some stuff I bought in the US to the border for pickup.

    I know there are posts here on shipping to a place in Point Roberts. Some places are good, some are no so good...

    What is the best place to ship to?

    If you can post either the phone number or the proper name of the place so I can give them a shout to get the proper coodinates that would help.


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    2014 Kawasaki ZX14R in point roberts. Much improved now that they send uopi an email once your package arrives, and the point roberts crossing us usually the least busy, especially if you go around 11am or 4pm

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    The Letter Carrier in my experience has sucked balls and has less security than a microsoft firewall. TSB is WAY better.
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    Love The Letter Carrier. Are there any places like it in Blaine? (i.e. no registration fees) Don't want to pay $10 registration fees for a $25 item, but that seems to be the norm for any of the shops I could find located in Blaine.
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    Hagens of Blaine. No registration fee, always worked great for us.
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    I've had GREAT experience with Pacific Parcel.

    Over the winter when there was a snowtire shortage, I bought a set of snows for my dad. With all the snow, Fedex was delayed and didn't get it to their place at the 10AM delivery time. Knowing I was in a jam, they said to go do some shopping and they would call when a fedex truck arrived. The truck showed up as they were closing (close at noon on Saturday) and they loaded the wheels and tires and met me at Bellis Fair!

    They are super friendly, awesome people. I've referred a bunch of people there and would not hesitate to refer more. They are located less than a mile from the 176 truck crossing.

    No bullshit, they are 10000&#37; better than letter carrier
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    I use these guys ----->

    5 min walk from the US border at Point Roberts.

    If there is a huge line up I just park my car in one street corner and walk to get my package.

    No need to line up coming back to Canada. The Canadian folks always give priority to people walking or cycling back in.
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    In Blaine, I always use Blaine Enterprises, never a problem:

    Name: Blaine Enterprises
    Street: 936 Peace Portal Drive
    Blaine, wa 98230-4009
    Phone: (360) 332-6825

    In Point Bob, I have always used TSB, again, never a problem in 15 years:

    Only potential issue for some, they are closed on weekends. That border is busy during the summer, so I never hit it on a weekend anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaybo View Post
    Hagens of Blaine. No registration fee, always worked great for us.
    +1 for Hagens, I have used them consistently over the past 2 years with not one problem.
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    Arthur J Humphries in Sumas. Father's been using them for 30+ years.
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    Another vote for TSB in Point Roberts

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    TSB is great. Friendly and quick. 6 packages through them, works well

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    TSB is great and cheap. But like Chia said, it's not open on the weekends, which is a pain in the ass sometimes.
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    The Letter Carrier.

    Place looks like a dump and is operated like a dump, but good and cheap. Has some sort of ghetto video camera security installed, but I am not worried about my package being stolen or anything.

    free to register, and IIRC about $2 for pick up. Their in house tracking is also ghetto and so high school, too.

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    +1 for Hagens in Blaine. Never had a problem, always courteous, and they give you a call when your delivery is there (at least they used to). I used them for many a delivery.
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