Racing Sunday July 5th

Greetings All,

PCMRRA is proud to present racing at the Greg Moore facility in Chilliwack. Please check out: www.westcoastkartclub.com/.

This event is the result of efforts by many people, however it was finalized within the club by Bruce Aylen. Lots of help from several others both within the club, as well as interested parties from outside finalized this deal. Thank you everyone!

This new facility availability arrives at a critical time for the club. It is obvious to everyone who has attended the events so far this year that participant numbers are down significantly from historical highs. We MUST find some way to re-vitalize the club, and perhaps this is one way to that goal. Please consider coming to this event even if it is the only event you come to this year.

Several club members have tested at the facility earlier this year, and it is an

AWESOME race track. Anticipate significantly quicker morning set-up, as the track is already there. Gate opens by 8:00, sign up opens as soon as possible after that time.

There will be tech, but for this event it will be cursory. However: No catch bottle – no race. Fuel spilled on the track is the quickest way to us not being invited back. As noted in our current race rules all levers must have ball ends, all handlebars must have sliders. There is a sound check, all bikes tested under the maximum Db (including my obnoxiously loud 50 mod) on test day, but we would prefer that bikes have well packed mufflers. We will discuss axle sliders during the riders meeting, which should be completed by 10:00. Please bring a fire extinguisher.

Track opens for practice no later than 10:00. Gearing will be close to what we run at Tradex, however the front straight is quite long, if you have a sprocket with a tooth or two less for the back, bring it.

This date offers the ability to get your bike “rightest” for the National that will happen at this facility on August the 8-9. One week after the Quesnel national we will have our race. Camping will be available at the track Friday and Saturday nights.

Fees for this race should still be ~$80, based on turn out. There will be a reduction in membership fees for those club members who have not yet signed up this year. Instead of the $60 fee being charged for the whole year, we will be offering a $35 pro-rated fee. CMA is still $65.

Hope to see you ALL there (this means YOU!!)