Breaking in the engine
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Thread: Breaking in the engine

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    Breaking in the engine

    Just wondering how important it is to "break in the engine" per factory spec? I was advised by my dealer not to exceed 5000 rpm during the first 500 km, then increase by 1k rpm every 100 km. In 6th gear and 80 km/h I'm already above 5000 rpm, and I'm quite slow even to accelerate to 50-60km/h b/c I have to keep shifting at 5k rpm. I'm also heading up to squamish tomorrow on the UBC ride and my bike is at only 300 it harmful to exceed their recommended engine breaking method? Obviously I'm not going to redline it, but if i take it to 7-8k rpm, any major effects to the bike?
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    Just try not to hold it at any one RPM for too long and you'll be fine (like cruising on the highway for hours at one spot). By 300kms the rings are either seated or they aren't anyways, so revving it up isn't going to hurt anything.

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    This is about as debated and previously documented as an oil thread on this ,and every motorcycle forum.

    You can search and find lots of info, you can follow the manufacture's guidelines, you can vary RPM's, but you will not find a conclusive answer that everyone agrees on.

    Enjoy the UBC ride.
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    Follow what the owner's manual says. Then you'll be fine.
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    Main point is vary the load. Don't stay at one rpm for a long period of time, flick through the gears, and accelerate and decelerate in the same gear.
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    Wow. Another "break in," thread? I thought we were due for a few more "oil," or "tires," threads first.
    The real answer is in your owners manual.

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    do the "catch-up" method.
    follow the break in method for the manual. then once in awhile give it a good flick of throttle to catch up then back down to recommended method.

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    I bought a 88 ninja 600 off the show room floor back in 88. I rode it like I stole it from the day I bought it till I sold it 14 years later. The only motor maint was changing oil at 100km then 1000km, then on regular schedule and cleaning carbs. The motor still pulled like a beast.

    The break in period is over rated. If you follow the manufacturer's recomendations, great. If not, great. It's been my experience with street and dirt bikes, that it just doesn't matter. So long as you are changing your oil frequently.

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    Isn't it a little disturbing that there are two very radically different answers to the same question?

    It's like someone says 2+2=4 or maybe 3, but it could be 9...

    I'm worried that the break-in secrets says to go harder on the engine to start. Then again my dealer said higher RPM's too when I bought my Ninja 250.

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