Where are the good fireworks gonna BEEE?
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Thread: Where are the good fireworks gonna BEEE?

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    Where are the good fireworks gonna BEEE?

    Thinking about riding to the fireworks, BUT it seems that every community are having their own.

    Got "burned" last year and went to the Po Co 20 min. show that would have taken 3 min if they lit one after each one.

    I see on telly that new west is having something??? But is Vancouver having one?
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    Canada place should had fireworks last year..not sure about this year...they are around 20-30 minute too but that's where everybody watches it. The fireworks were pretty big and nice. Packed with people and hooligans.

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    I know quite a few people headin out to Harrison today. I might go myself after work.
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    None right now...
    Langley is having one too... McLeod field, which is at 216th and 56th, just the other side of 56th from the airport. They had one last night, and it was about 15 minutes long, looked like a nice enough show (but I was watching from my house two blocks away). I'll be on the airport for tonight's show, it starts at 10:30 apparently.
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    Surrey 176th and 64th... top of the line show with concert 54-40 and bif naked

    fireworks at 1015

    the price is great - free

    so your prepared 100,000 + people

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    We went to the Cloverdale show 2 years ago and it was great. The crowd was well behaved and the music was great. Took my then 10 month year old to her first concert, April Wine, Kim Mitchell and Wide Mouth Mason.

    Bif and 54-40 should be great this year!!!!

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    anyone riding out to watch the fireworks?
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