Good Afternoon Gents;

I am looking for parts for my old bike. (1988 Honda Hurricane, CBR600 F, or F1 as some may know it as)

I really need to spruce her up and show her some love...

As it stands now; I don't need any mechanical components; but if you guys have anything that would improve her appearance, that would be great!

Levers, Pegs, Barends, Lighting front and back, side to side. Windscreen, hardware, seat, suspension, mirrors, gauges, exhaust, etc...

PO resprayed the fairings, so they are ok, but I am crappy rider and likely to go down again; so if you have any fairing bits that would be great!

Just PM or post what you got and a price and I will try and contact you asap...

I work graveyards so my hours are a bit odd.