AMA Superbike July 4th opinions
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Thread: AMA Superbike July 4th opinions

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    AMA Superbike July 4th opinions

    anybody watch the race coverage? nice to see it back to same day tape at least - would be better live, but with red flags, false starts, pace cars (!), disorganization, and all, that would've taken many hours. and the actual racing wasn't bad i suppose, altho Mr Mladin winning again in a de-Spies'ed field kinda rings hollow, doesn't it. and what IS it with the organizers - who the hell CARES if an 1125cc Buell can compete on 'even' terms with a 600cc Japanese sportbike. is that REALLY how Erik Buell gets his strokes? Ducati seem to only need a 1.2 to 1 advantage to make a twin run with a four, not two-to-one!

    anyway, the real joke was the (dis)organization, eh? no plan nor (seemingly) preinformation for the riders on how to deal with a jump start. delays in commencing a restart procedure. the ludicrous (and dangerous) stopped pace-car over the blind crest scene. the split-a-gut laughable shots of the pace car (an underpowered Mazda SUV) FOLLOWING the field around the track, unable to get past the way-faster bikes, the riders of which were discussing amongst themselves what to do. the arguments before the second restart. etc, etc.

    what a shame. AMA racing might not have ever been at the class of world superbikes, but it WAS (kinda) local, many of the tracks are very entertaining and challenging, there were (and still are) some interesting personalities involved, and there were good battles in supersport, if not recently in superbikes.

    it's gonna takes some big changes to bring it back from the debacles of THIS year! i just feel sorry for the riders - they're still givin' 'er big time, and the high-sides don't land any softer just cuz nobody's watching...

    here's an interesting take on it all from Steve Atlas at Motorcycle USA:

    anybody see any grounds for optimism?


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    You can definetely see the NASCAR involvement in today's AMA.

    In my opinion, it was a bad move for the sport.
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    I am happy that they have stopped waiting two weeks to show me the races. I found myself not caring anymore but this might bring back some excitement.

    Im over the fact they are letting litre bikes and bigger compete with the 600s. I dont think it is a good showcase for those bikes, hey look we can run with a bike that is near half the displacement...

    The jumpstart issue. Well they have a protocol for that but I dont think anyone knew what to think of a guy that simply takes off WAY to early. lol- that was a bit funny to me. At least they let em all go around, it would have been cause for alarm had they refused and let the grids tires cool off. Incase anyone is wondering why Hayden didnt just stop and get pushed back into position...once you let go on the grid you cant stop, you cant even slow to take a look cause if the grid took off with you and you slow down disaster awaits in the form of another bike ripping into you at max velocity. Unless your in the back row.
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    once you let go on the grid you cant stop
    Interesting, so he may know he looks like a major tool, but at least not a dead one

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    I was in race control. I was wondering, are these guys pros? And so many crashes. Kept my workers very busy! First the 8 riders in Daytona Sportbike missing the red flags, the problems with the pace car, the jump start? Fines are being assessed for all these riders. Blowing the red flag at Brno last year caused a corner marshal to lose their life.
    I was working with the director of racing for AMA, as well as Colin Fraser. I'd say it's a work in progress.

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    It's bush league and an embarrassment in front of the world audience. What a joke!!!! Graves and the Yoshi boys should move to the world superbike level, the rest of them who cares!!!!
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