Anyone had clutch slip with Duron-E oil
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Thread: Anyone had clutch slip with Duron-E oil

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    Anyone had clutch slip with Duron-E oil

    I don't want to spark a debate about what oils are best. <--Re-read this sentence.... People seem to be passionate about there lubes. However, I have been experimenting with more econimical alternitives to the more expensive synthetic oils.

    I had a line on inexpensive Delvac Synth but the truck stop doesn't carry it any more. Moved to Rottela-T Synth 0-40 but I read a press release on the product and Shell doesn't stand behind that grade for wet clutch applications in that grade.

    I am going to do a oil change after work tonight so I picked up some Petro Can Duron-E Synth 10-40 at a truck stop. Has anyone experienced clutch slip with this product?
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    Should be fine I don't see any information regarding energy conserving for this oil, as well it is JASO MA certified which is what you want.. Look to page three for your specific information.
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