Post: Rider fatality, no helmet - RCMP involvement
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I'm pissed off because yet another man is dead thanks to another idiot cop making an idiot decision. And in typical cop fashion, this one is here defending and supporting said idiot cop and his idiot decision, even if he's not using those exact words. It's like any other gang of hooligans, they're just slightly more public. The lack of respect toward people they should technically be serving and protecting is unreal. What if the guy who died was your brother? This guy is DEAD! He's not coming back, that cop can't undo what he's done, and all the lies in the world don't change what happened. The very least that should be happening is admittance of fault and the appropriate measure of removing him from the occupation. And then you go ahead and compare us to highschool kids, are you for real?!? Fuck you. No kidding nobody likes being called out when they screw up, just like all your BROS when they kill people and lie about it. If you really think most people like cops then you're living in a dream world, even my old man can't stand you guys and he's the straightest arrow I've ever known. I have yet to meet ANYONE that has nothing but good things to say about the police. You're never there when we need you, and you're always there to make our lives miserable in any way possible. I don't even care if this counts as flaming, I'm so fucking mad that cops can get away with treating us like cattle. Some guy on a motorcycle dying means nothing to them