Good Morning All!

Well I bought this new about 7 or 8 months ago when I bought Colin McRae's DIRT and Forza Motorsports 2.

It cost me about $120 after tax from EB and I used it twice!

It was fun and the force feedback was phenomenal!

I just have not had the time to play the 360 ever since going back to school, work, and making wedding plans this year.

It is pretty much new and everything is flawless. Comes with the wheel, pedals, power supply, battery pack, and the desk connector which allows you to fix the wheel to a desk or table.

You can play it on your lap, but a desk or table gives a more realistic driving experience. You can use this wireless and it comes with a battery pack; but unless you plug it in, you will not have force feedback.

The only reason I am selling it is that I just bought a motorcycle and got my license; and the little spare time I have will not be in front of the Xbox for months!

$60 OBO

Please email me or PM.