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    Dominican Republic

    Has anyone here vacationed in the Dominican Republic before? My gf and I are looking to go there for a couple weeks in an all inclusive type thing. Heard a lot of good things about Punta Cana. 2 week package deal goes for about $1800 after tax on

    Any suggestions?

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    Yeah we were down there.

    I tried to find a place with good food... I ended up getting food poising but I also have to say I was drinking everything under the sun as well as eating a lot of stuff. The place we stayed had lots of restaurants and variety but still a lot of the food is somewhat bland. I guess it depends what you like and what you want.

    I think what ended up happening was the one day down at the beach restaurant I ate a chicken burger but the problem is they were using the same tongs for the raw and cooked meats... I think that's what did me in. I also ate a coconut off a tree that day and had some weird tuna at the Japanese place.

    The place we stayed was the cleanest resort I have ever been too. All in all it was good but the booze was way to sweet for my liking. They had a great pizza place as well and lots of pools/beaches etc.

    I stayed at IFA Bavaro Village

    there website

    I would recommend it but I would say I was disappointed in the booze but heard a lot of the places there were like that.

    Look at tripadvisor before you go there is lots of useful/not useful info

    Mexico seems to have the food/booze down better than DR and Cuba.

    I also had a friend recommend to me the Catalonia. He had a good time there but they are on the futher side so the beach was good but it looked a little less kept up than ours. The booze there looked a little better though
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    I went to Punta Cana a couple years ago. Scuba diving was great, especially on the Caribbean side. Food so so. We had 16 people on the trip and I think everyone got sick. The rest is pretty standard. The resorts themselves are all buffet and some theme restaurants, lots of booze and entertainment. I did a lot of resort hopping with people I met and I'm getting the impression that even between different countries, the resorts themselves all pretty much cookie cutter stuff. You can't go anywhere without being hassled to buy stuff and you're highly encouraged to get off the resorts and party and spend money in night clubs. Some of them were pretty cool and worth checking out. Try to check out a place that's a cave bar close to Punta Cana. I never really felt unsafe there but you definitely have to keep your head on your shoulders outside the resorts. It's a good place to relax and I'd definitely go back.

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