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Thread: I'm not an ambiturner

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    I'm not an ambiturner

    Just like Zoolander! Orange smoothie, anyone?

    Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration... but I do find it easier to get leaned way over going to the right than left. Anyone else experience this? Is it a mental thing due to riding on the right side of the road(there's more visual room if you go wide while turning right)? Any thought? Is there a support group for this?
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    It's very common, there is no support group and pick up a copy of Keith Codes "Twist of the Wrist" and he'll explain it and teach how you can overcome it.
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    Same here, but because of a completely different reason. I find it easier to go left than right. Thinkin probably because I'm left handed????

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    Same here. I can lean left much easier than I can right. Same weirdness when I'm on dirt, but more pronounced, where I can put my left foot down no probs but it's like my right leg doesn't even wanna leave the peg! On dirt turning right on a high speed corner yields mucho anxiety & seems to really drain me mentally. I never feel comfortable & am always second guessing my body position & hand movements. But I don't even think about it turning left -- it feels completely natural.
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    I haven't noticed anything either way
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    in a parking lot i can lean over right as much as left, but when on the road, i hate right hand corners...
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    It is natural for us , if you slide out leaned way over in a left , you slide away from the on-coming traffic into the ditch etc... , but slide out leaned low in a right hander and you will be kissing grill in no time . I also feel better going left , at least I did ........
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    I tend to take right hand corners slower and easier, but not because of a mental block, simply for self preservation. Go too hot into a lefty, and you're in a ditch. Too hot into a righty, and you're in oncoming traffic!

    Oh, and the left side of my bike already has lowside damage, but the right side is pristine. And I plan to keep it that way. LoL

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    I'm the same way. I think about the oncoming traffic if a lowside happens too. Many places up in the styx have blind righthanders where an oncoming vehicle crowding your lane could lead to a panic decision like braking while leaned over and tucking the front, or even standing the bike up. Both would put you under the vehicle's wheels pretty quick. The same mistakes on a blind lefthander may not be as disasterous. (Assuming you don't fly off a cliff)

    Mostly though, I think I lean left more because I'm driving on the right side of the road, so righthand turns are tighter than lefthand ones. I am used to going a little faster through a lefthander because there is a larger turning radius and thus I'm leaning more than I would in a typical righthander.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gixxstar View Post
    track days
    +1... I always thought my rights were working fine till I started riding mission. Then I had to relearn the right whereas the left comes easily
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    I find most people like to turn left than right. This might boil down to more than just riding as well. Here's some theories I came up with.

    For those of you that rollerblade or ice skate, which way do you prefer turning or cross-over'ing? (I have found most people like to go left for this as well)

    For those of you snowboard, are you regular-footed (dominant leg on the back) or goofy-footed (dominant leg on the front)? If you are right handed (right footed) the "normal" was is to be regular footed, which means your right leg on the back of the board. That way, you will prefer to turn LEFT because it is the safer turn with your back against the mountain. It's the opposite for goofy foot.

    I don't ski but I have a feeling it is similar as well, that people will prefer to turn one way than another.

    So, in most cases, I've found people like to turn left. I am the opposite, I like to turn right (for skating and boarding). I think this somehow filters down to riding in some way as well.

    Lastly, practice helps a lot.. trackdays help a lot. It took me 6 years to get my left knee down. 95% of it is mental and the best thing you can do in a corner is to relax your arms, because you are unconsciously fighting the bike when you are uncomfortable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Lars View Post
    I tend to take right hand corners slower and easier, but not because of a mental block, simply for self preservation. Go too hot into a lefty, and you're in a ditch. Too hot into a righty, and you're in oncoming traffic!

    Oh, and the left side of my bike already has lowside damage, but the right side is pristine. And I plan to keep it that way. LoL

    Man; you will never let me live that one down will ya! ^_^

    I found that lefts are easier because you for the most part don't need to put much grip on the left side; where as you are always modulating the throttle.

    Rights I have a hard time with as I find it harder to not effect the throttle.

    Just my 2 cents. Son of Lars will tell you it is only worth 1...
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    I have a fear of leaning too far on my right side because that's where my exhaust is. I've low-sided from it dragging and lifting up my rear tire.
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    Up where live there is only one corner and you can only take it fast in one direction, so... Anytime I get far enough away to hit a corner the other way at speed it gives me butterflies.

    I wish I was joking...

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