transaction review forum section?
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Thread: transaction review forum section?

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    transaction review forum section?

    i've had some good experiences buying from people on this forum and it would be nice to put a good word in so that others can feel comfortable buying from them.

    this would make it possible for some people to start shit slinging but for those of us who like to keep things mature and objective i think it would be useful

    i am a member on a few international bike forums where this idea works well, and since we have people on here from the interior and the island perhaps it would be beneficial to them so they can up people they are paypalling money to. also for local market would prevent ppl wasting time

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    I moderate a small, local cameras forum, and this has come up a number of times over the years.

    My take - waste of time for this/these types of forums.

    There is not enough buy & sell activity on this forum, and what there is, is probably almost exclusively face to face, local transactions.

    Yes, there are "some" out of town dealings, but for the small amount there probably are, pick up the phone, get a feel, check ebay or other forum feedback, pay via Canada Post, have a friend help out, whatever....there are plenty of options for the few & far between deals imo.

    Those rating/feedback systems are of value on the large US boards, where buyers and seller almost never meet, but I see little use for that here.

    The other side of this system if the pure subjective side of it....what you may feel is good/bad, may not be shared by others.

    When it comes to sales, there are 2 sides, and 2 opinions of how it should and did go down.
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