Motorcycle Gear Clear out in Maple Ridge?
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Thread: Motorcycle Gear Clear out in Maple Ridge?

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    Motorcycle Gear Clear out in Maple Ridge?

    Over 300 motorcycle helmets. Shoei, Bieffe, AGV, and other brands. Regular prices
    up to $799. All for $50. each!! First come, first serve. Motorcycle boots. Styl Martin
    and Prexport brands. Up to $300. in value. All for $50. per pair! Motorcycle leather
    jackets. Teknic brand, all $100. each! Full body leather suits, Teknic brand $150. each!

    Clearance Center
    Langley 20104 Logan Avenue 604 514-0517
    Maple Ridge 23652 Dewdney Trunk Road 604 466-9252

    Has anybody checked this out? Worth it to go down? I'm super cheap and could use a new pair of boots/helmet but looks like everything is from 1989 (which was a great year, I loved "Honey I Shrunk the Kids").

    Maple Ridge is a bit of a commute from downtown, if anyone has been out let me know!

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    I went out to the Maple Ridge location probably 2 months ago. Some good deals on leathers if you don't mind the 1988 color schemes. The gear is new but is OLD stock. Like late 80s, early 90s. At least that's what I saw at MR when I was there.

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    Just went there, lots of OLD stuff....

    helmets are brand new but old. maybe good for an emergency spare...
    Boots are very flashy, purple and red and white (all on one boot) and basicall leather only, with toe feelers on a few boots.
    Jackets and pants are also colorful, purple, red, blue....
    Could be great for the occasional track day maybe...
    NOTE: they are in the "Sleepers" clearance store, on your right hand side in the corner as you go in the store.
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    I saw the Langley outlet and same there. perfect for that early 90 Gixxer that you need to match with old school leathers.

    I suggested they package the stuff up and send it to Japan where they love that vintage stuff

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    Cool, thanks for the feedback. From the craigslist pics it looked pretty "flashy" colors. But probably a little too vintage for my tastes.

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    I am calling dibs if there is a replica jacket from Cool As Ice

    And what the hell is that thing on his head?

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    Good gear for YSR and mini motard racing cuz you often end up crashing anyhow.
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    If the helmets are all that old as well then don't bother unless you're after something for photo shoots or as rec room decoration. The foam liners will have hardened up so much that they won't protect your brain in a crash at all.
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    wish they had some old motocross gear.i'd be on that for sure!

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    Re-Rides on Victoria has motocross gear. Was there yesterday.
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