not sure if this is the right forum...maybe in the non-sportbike related forum? If so, mod's please move - but personally, its in a way a sport bike...well..maybe a sport-scooter bike

Looking to pick up a Honda Ruckus...I'm probably going to looking to pick up one thats a 2003/2004 model....but if you got a great price on a newer one that would be great.
Preferably a black one, but may consider some other colours..

Modded or stock, it doesnt matter...willing to pay a bit more for one that already has some desired mods

Let me know...I would like to grab it within the next 2 weeks.

I'm out of the country right now so please email me for quickest responses. I'll be returning next wednesday, but if one pops up prior to me returning, I will have my friend pick it up for me first.

email me at nicholasleung910 at gmail dot com as I do not frequent this site too often these days