help! Lights are off on No.1 Hwy
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Thread: help! Lights are off on No.1 Hwy

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    help! Lights are off on No.1 Hwy

    I have 04 CBR 600RR and my Lights are off while i was riding on No.1 Hwy.
    It was really weird. I thought engine was off too but it was still running.
    So I checked fuse and bulb there was nothing wrong. actually my right signal is not working either by some reason signal light itself is always on but it is not blinking. Left turning light is working.

    If it is a wiring problem does it cost alot to fix it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jperro79 View Post
    I thought engine was off too but it was still running.
    Quote Originally Posted by G Hats View Post
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    Take it to a shop.

    And dont ride at night anymore until you get your real license

    And just for fun, more info would be helpful. Like, after shutting off the bike and restarting, do the lights stay off.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CHIA View Post
    I stumbled over that comment as well....super quiet engine, fantastic ear plugs, I really want an explanation!

    As for your electrical problem, I would do a search on CBR Forum and if nothing pops up, sign up and post the same question but with more detail on what you have checked. This will make it easier for the membership to help troubleshoot the problem.

    My preference is to use a shop as a last resort. On my SV when I replaced the stock rear shock with that from a GSXR, my bike wouldn't start. Thanks to an SV specific forum, I was able to short a couple connections on the ECU to get a trouble or error code, and then with more time on the internet and forums I found the culprit to be a misplaced tip sensor. It took me a couple hours of time and saved me a couple hundred dollars and the hassle of transporting my bike to the shop.
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