Icon Accelerant Stealth, A* Stage Perf?
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Thread: Icon Accelerant Stealth, A* Stage Perf?

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    Icon Accelerant Stealth, A* Stage Perf?

    Looking for some reviews or thoughts on either of these jackets. Looking for something to ride in the Hot okanagan summer, but still offers protection over a mesh jacket. I've heard of quality issues with Alpinestars jackets as of late, which kind of worries me. So far ive been pleased with Icon quality from everything ive owned.

    My main questions are

    On the Acclerant stealth (with the leather chest and sleeves, but textile abdomen/back) does the textile flow much air with the liner out?

    And has anyone had quality issues with their stage perf. jacket?



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    Hey! That's my jacket! (The Stage). I like it. Air flow is good when moving. Friggin hot around town with frequent stopping. I'm from Penticton, so I can safely say it's great for a ride around the Okanagan. No quality issues to speak of.

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    Icon Accelerant

    Hey, ive got the stealth, its actually pretty durable, given the amount of textile on it, but all in all, not much breathability. I'm looking at buying a mesh now... If you are looking for a great March - June jacket, the stealth is where its at, but during the hot hot days, you'll want to look elsewhere..

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    doesn't look like that a* jacket has any vents.. so yea definitely gonna be cooking in it.. but it's got the aero hump and stuff.. does the icon has that as well?

    personally i'm a a* fan.. so far no problem with my leather jacket..

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