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Thread: Where to learn mechanics?

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    Where to learn mechanics?

    Other than BCIT, or some college apprenticeship type program. Where can I learn to work on cars/motors ? I would like to start right away, not waiting for months for a program to begin. I have some free time right now, as im only taking night courses. Ive heard of some high tuition private places, but im wondering if they are as useless as their business counterparts (ie. CDI college) Any help appreciated. Thx. BTW I don't plan on making a career out of it, its just something I want to be able to do for spare time projects.

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    Do what I did...find friends that don't have money, and have cars that break down all the time, or want to tune their cars. Then buy yourself the biggest POS car you can find (also what I did) and before you know it you'll be decent.

    And I'm not trying to be sarcastic here, since you said you only want to learn for hobby...its the best way I think. Good luck
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    Try applying at a car shop, not as a "lot boy" mind you.....
    I had a job at a car dealership as a "tech" aid, I helped the mechs with pretty much everything. That was a great learning experience for me, I also got to see what kind of POS vehicles GM makes these days (mainly cars).....oops was that out loud?

    Educate yourself with your own vehicle, (if you have one) buy manual(s) and start small working your way up to the bigger stuff.
    I've always had a Hayes manual for all my vehicles, HUGE help IMO when it came time to do the work myself.
    I dont recommend this unless you feel competent enough, but feel free to "explore" your vehicle, try taking off various engine covers and vehicle panels to see whats inside and how things work. You might be suprised......or not....

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    BCIT is great but nothing is like real life. Every guy that comes from BCIT

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    dont know how good this is but its something i came across last night when i was bored:


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    if you're just looking for basic stuff and just a general knowledge of cars and the mechanics and stuff, i suggest VCC.

    i go to VCC right now, and they have a great program on mechanics from what i see. its worth a look if its the basic sorta stuff. They have body work and other stuff too. check it out.

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    I was planning on going to BCIT cause I've heard they have a good rep and can get me an apprenticeship @ a dealer when I'm done...

    GURU - What were you gonna say about the guys from BCIT? U work @ a dealer don't you? You must have had some BCIT students go through there...

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    Mischa, for some reason or another (just kidding), knows what he's talking about. My dad has an affinity for POS cars and that's how I learned how to work on them. Buy a piece of shit (we're talking $300 - $500 here) and just dick around with it. Buy a manual, take things apart and put them back together. Also, people at part shops (Lordco, etc.) can be surprisingly helpful.
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    I will teach you everything you need to know...all it will cost you is the price of parts to fix my old truck....you will learn how to pull a motor to put a $7 rear main seal in it.....you will learn how to do U joints and ball joints.........for this low low price you will also learn the intricacies of adding dual exhaust and a K&N Filtercharger to a fuel injected 5 litre engine....sound too good to be true?
    But wait!!!!!
    Also for a limited time learn how to do BODYWORK in my back yard..For a small one time fee (beer) you will also learn to hand mount and balance tires with 2 large crow bars
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