Well after talking with a few people I figured I'd throw this out there.

One of my favorite jobs I have done was being a roofer. However I did learn that nobody wants to pay the outrageous prices they charge. If your a do it yourself kinda guy/girl then I'm the person you want to get your roof done.

Shingles, conversion to shingles from cedar, slate etc...
new roofs, re roofs.

How this works:
I come by and measure up your place. We figure out the sq. footage and then see what your costs are for materials.
My cost is 50buxs a square or $50 per 100sq.ft or 50cents per sq.ft
Thats roof material installation. ie: paper, metal, shingles

tearoff... depending on how many layers of whatever is on your roof will depend on what I may add to the charge of the install. usually a 1layer rip of shingles will warrant an extra 20bux per 100sq. ft provided I dont have to pull out my harness because your roof is so steep or 3+ stories up.

You will have to: arrange with roofmart delivery of materials. resheets need
3/8 plywood they you will need to get from a lumberyard of your choice.
Your going to need a bin to haul the old material away. usually between 300 and 600 for that.

I saved a guy 1500 buxs on an 18square or 1800 square ft roof. We did his roof together (I teach while I go) from wed to sun at 3hrs each night and then a split shift on sun to avoid the sun.

I know you guys like to spend your money on your bikes. Here's a way to protect your assets and keep your belongings dry.

**I also have invented a lowslope roof conversion using a glue on system from rona and getting rid of the self contained gutters those roofs have. New facia and gutters could all be installed with the roof for less then having a tar and gravel or torch on company come do you roof.**

repairs and roof maintenance can also be done.

average cost of your roof from a company
300 dollars a square or 100sq feet. Thats tear off and install
cedar conversions start at 400.
If your roof is technical the companies will add to those bills.

That is all...