Going to Fireworks?
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Thread: Going to Fireworks?

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    Going to Fireworks?

    Me and a friend are going down for some troublemaking! I need a sticker for when we get photographed doing wheelies, nose wheelies, riding on side walks, lane splitting, dragging knees around Stanely Park, maybe a hot lap on the beach??

    Watch for us on the news....

    Gotta represent who we are as riders!

    we will be on scooters...hahahahah

    We are racing for pinks! He thinks his scooter is faster than mine! hahaha...I am gonna put a rag in his air box...hheehehe
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    I HER DAT!

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    Drugs R bad mmkaaaay!!!
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    Fireworks 1991. Strapped video cameras to our gas tanks, rode down to Seawall to watch fireworks. Rode our sport bikes through the trails of Stanley Park afterward; headlights make good spotlights for the camera. Lots of civilians leaping off the path for cover, throwing food at us in anger. So fun.
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    Im there

    I'll be there on my wife's yellow Vespa. She'll be clinging onto the back end

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