What's the best way to remove springs from full systems?
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Thread: What's the best way to remove springs from full systems?

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    What's the best way to remove springs from full systems?

    I can get them off, but its not easy, nor pretty. Must be a tool of some sort, some kind of long reverse pliers...

    Any ideas?

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    I find needle-nose vice-grips work pretty well, although a good set of pliers with sharp teeth work equally well.

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    wear goggles! i would hate to see what would happen if u took that spring in the eye...those things got some major tension in them.

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    Take a piece of electrical wire stronger than the spring. Put one end through the top part of the spring end (the bottom is the open part), and make a circle (8-10"across), and then then twist the ends untill it won't twirl apart . Cut off any excess. Your hand is far away from sharp objects, if the wire breaks no big deal, and it's easier to pull when you're not squeezing pliers.
    Pull the spring out with ease. You might need something to move the spring past the loop when it's almost out.
    When you go to replace it, just use a screwdriver to manouvre the spring when your almost there.
    Free, reasonably safe, and household wire works grand. Wear glasses anyway! Don't put your fingers where the spring can stab you!
    And no chopping out the wife's stairmaster cord.
    Not while she's using it anyway!

    note; I tried this when my hook broke. The one benefit, besides price, is it doesn't scratch anything.
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    ha. guess it wan't funny.

    you just need a hook. and hook it off. make sure you wear a glove just in case.
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    they do make a tool for it, but most people just make their own.
    I have (but lost) a large screw driver, (flat) and I took a grinder with a zip cut disk on it. and i cut a sideways slit into the flat part of the screw driver.
    then when you go to take a spring out, it goes into the slit of the screw driver and doesnt come out, plus you can use the screw driver to pry or what else you need to do.

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    There are spring pullers for sale out there. Your dealer can get them from Motovan for under 10 bucks.
    I took a thin allen wrench and bent it to about 150 degrees. Clamped it in needle nose vice grips and bingo

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