Restored faith in Humanity
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Thread: Restored faith in Humanity

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    Restored faith in Humanity

    So I was on my way home last night after 11:00pm and on W16 between Wesbrook and Blanca on the UBC endowment lands and I ran out of gas (another story). I'm pushing my bike along and a car pulls up and buddy offers to take me to a gas station. I didn't feel right leaving my bike at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere so I declined and said I would just push it to Blanca and coast down the side streets until I got to the Shell on 10th or the Cheveron at Alma. Buddy says fine and takes off. When I get to the corner of 16th and Blanca I'm sweating like anything and Buddy shows up again and says he doesn't think I'll make it to the station before it closes so he suggests I just wait right where I am and he will go and get some gas for me. Sure enough, he shows up 10 minutes later with a 5L of gas in a new can he had to buy. HE WOULDN'T EVEN TAKE ANYTHING FOR IT!!! Just said don't worry about it and that he was just helping out. To the nameless good samaritan, I say thank you very much for restoring my faith in humanity.
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    Pay it forward.

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    Nice story..
    I'm not addicted! and I'm not quitting!!
    Heeere's your sign...

    ...and "always" look on the bright side of life...

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    You're welcome, it all came to 40 bucks. You can paypal it to me.
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    Great story!

    Thing is, I'll bet he's feeling great having had a chance to help someone out, so you're both ahead.
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    Lots of good people out there!
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    we're not all selfish assholes

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawdonflyer View Post
    we're not all selfish assholes
    The asshole part comes out when you add the internet

    To the OP: Nice story, glad someone was there to help

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    +1 Pay it forward

    Good karma works

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    i too recieved some very kind assistance yesterday.. rode my bike to the SM practice.. popped the rear on the very first session.. as i was cursing my shitty luck in the pits two fellahs wheelied my bike away, patched it, filled it and checked/re-checked the pressure on it.. i didnt even miss the next session!!

    kindness begets kindness for sure.. i always try and help out in any small way i can..

    ok.. that's enough hippy shit outta me for one day!! hehe

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    don't hear these too often when it is this hot. PPL tend to get really crabby when the weather is really hot
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    I hit a deer in south eastern Oregon a couple of years ago. I was alright and as I was waiting for road side assistance, a couple drives up to make sure everything's alright. I say I'm fine so they drive off, then they come back with sandwiches and lemonade for me while I wait.

    How much does that rule?
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    very nice of the unknown driver. We need more stories like these!

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    Wow, great story.

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