Evening ride Thrusday july.30
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Thread: Evening ride Thrusday july.30

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    Evening ride Thrusday july.30

    Hello guys and girls , i'm thinking to come out this evening for couple hour , so if you interested let come out and have some fun

    I have two route that i would like to do
    Route #1 : Barnet high way then to ioco and do a little back road around the lake
    Route #2: Squamish and back to the top of Cypress and home .

    Meet at the Chevron on Boundary and Canada way at 7:20 leave at 7:40
    Pace will be relax in the straight little fun in the curve
    Every one is well come .

    Let me know if you coming , other why i'm gonna go to the poor

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    tar-snakes on Cypress ...

    beware !!!

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    One hell of a night it was.... and something worse than tar snakes happened

    Dont worry, no crashes.

    Nice to meet all of u and hopefully next ride will be better...
    The way, naked is. Talking like Yoda, I am. :D

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    yeh... was up at cypress last week... some crazy tar snakes after the 2nd pin (lookout point)...

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    Worse than tarsnakes?

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