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Thread: Crash/Close call section

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    Crash/Close call section

    I would like to suggust a section for people to share their crash experiences / close calls...

    Before I started riding I use to go to another site that had a "Face Plant" section where riders would share their crash stories and how it could have been avoided.

    I believe this would benefit both new and experienced riders. As skill and confident levels increase a rider would most likely face different types of situations, and having these situations exposed will allow others to mentally prepare themselves for situations they may not have thought of otherwise. I believe that if you've already prepared yourself prior, then you'd probably be able to pull it out of memory instead of trying to do all the brain work when it's in the process of happen. This can probably give you a split second extra to react....

    Since this forum is based in BC, we all ride in the same or similar area's so alot of us can relate to the stories.

    Problems I can see with this section
    1.) After the first burst of stories, there may not be enough activity / active users here to keep this section fresh.
    2.) Stories could possibly be similar
    3.) BCSB riders are too good at riding to even make any stories

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    Here's one of my close calls

    Riding my DR350 in the right lane, police in the left lane just in front of me,
    A car pins it out of a parking lot, sees the cop and at the last second hits the brakes,
    The car is nosing half way in my lane, I hit the brakes, near crash. NO actions by the cop.

    Even with "an escort", you're not safe out there
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    Quote Originally Posted by iAlpha View Post
    3.) BCSB riders are too good at riding to even make any stories
    Bwahahahaha....oh that's a good one!

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    I have close calls every time out. I don't crash myself but I am damn near hit every time. If that's what you mean I don't think I'm interested in typing in this thread a few times a day.
    "Aw fuck what the hell have I done!!!! Fuck me that's going to be hell hard to keep on top of wtf is going on!!!"

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    i think this is a good idea! I crashed enough to write a book!

    I hope that someone can learn something from my experiences...

    Heck just last week I had a fall and had to tuck and roll....
    Remembering Bill Mclean.
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