BC loop...kootenays, cranbrook, golden, kelowna
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Thread: BC loop...kootenays, cranbrook, golden, kelowna

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    BC loop...kootenays, cranbrook, golden, kelowna

    Just got back, had a nice roadtrip with no rain. Left Friday afternoon, went Kootenays, Cranbrook, Golden, and home again. Took it pretty easy, no deer, lots of smoke, on the way back TONS of transport trucks, motorhomes, and bikes. Stopped at both Ainsworth and Radium springs.

    One of us had a dead battery before we left, I got a flat on a new tire before Needles and had to ride 65 kms on said flat. Once of us had a clutch cable go the morning of leaving. Not too many incidents on way home, other than alot of gas shortage so we had to fill whenever we could...camped out one night...Tried to leave town with my disc lock on my rear sprocket, and got a baby black widow in my helmet. Communicators died half way...

    It was just myself and another female rider for 9/10ths of the route. Also, it is hard to do a very long ride with someone whose riding style and preferences are different from yours, so is staying with strangers in their homes along the way - at least for me! So much that I thought about breaking off and riding home myself a day early But it was a nice ride in good weather.

    about 800 kms, here is the route - the route home was WAY TOO STRAIGHT!

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