Abby Airshow President's Club tickets (2)
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Thread: Abby Airshow President's Club tickets (2)

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    Abby Airshow President's Club tickets (2)

    I have two President's Club tickets for sale for Saturday's airshow.
    Will sell separately if need be. Tickets are $167 each, and if you've ever been to airshow and sat in the President's Club, you'll know it's beyond worth the price.
    You get fed premium food all day, and as much premium booze as you can jam down your gullet. This is a prestigious, high-class area, and no children are allowed, and dress code is in effect.
    Send me a PM. I can meet you before the event in Mission or Abby and show you the receipt to prove it's legit, or you can meet me at Airshow and walk through the gates with me.
    A parking pass is also included with purchase.
    Look here for more details, and scroll down to the President's Club section:
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