gotta move my busted bike
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Thread: gotta move my busted bike

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    gotta move my busted bike

    so my bike's busted and i need to send it in for repairs. i'd like to send it over to bomax's place but he doesnt have any type of pickup service. does anyone have a pickup truck or something that could help?

    i'd be willing to pay for your services. i live around east vancouver and my bike's a light 250cc kawi, so it shouldnt be too much of a problem. can anyone help?


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    What seems to be the problem with the bike.
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    carbs are probably shot... but that's just a guess at the moment. :0(

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    I know BUrnaby Kawasaki has pickup and drop-off. They did it for me when I needed my tires changed but didn't have time to wait around. I think they charge $25. Not sure b/c they didn't charge me for the drop-off.
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    yeah, but like i said in my initial post, i'd like to take it to bomax.

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    Check your pm maybe I can help.
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    What is wrong with your bike, won't start at all or hard to start, or what???
    I have 2000 Ninja 250, it's been sitting around for awhile and I don't have any problems starting it. So, 2001 ninja 250 in still very new, it should't have carb problem.
    Give us more details may be we can help.
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