Mark this on your calenders

ITS ON A SATURDAY Woooooooo! <--- all the info.

Just wanted to say that this couldn't be a more perfect place to practice riding, at whatever skill level you're at. I've been on a sport bike for little over a year now and the two times I've attended these have taught me immensely. I was a little nervous the first time out as I was riding to and from the track, no trailer, no clue what I needed to do to my bike and no idea what to expect as far as how I would hold up against everyone else.

It was a great feeling at the end of the riders meeting when they asked who was in the slow group and myself and another 10 people held up their hands (there was 20 total)

It really felt like I was in the same boat as everyone else, there were a few people that had track bikes and trailers, but they were in the fast group and all us newbies admired them as they crushed the track while we were catching our breath during rounds.

This post is steadily becoming longer and I know my attention span ended about 2 paragraphs ago, but one last thing. They need our support to keep this going and I would hate to lose these track days.

So I guess the easiest way to show how much you improve I'll show a pic from my first time out and my second.


Hope to see you out there.