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    Turn signals

    So I am riding the RC east on #10 between Fraser hwy and 200th in reasonably ugly traffic when an old guy in a mazda just pulls over right in front of me - I saw it coming so made a big display of braking. When he's about 1/2 way in my lane he spots me right on his tailight, but doesn't make any adjustment -- all this with no turn signals. As we pull up to a stop at 200th I flip up my helmet and say -- So I guess your turn signals are broken are they?? Got the classic reply "You shouldn't drive where I can't see you!" I point out that he hasn't replied about his lack of use of turn signals, to which the conversation deterioated to expletives. Wish I had spotted the handicap flag hanging off his mirror before this, I could have asked if it was a mental handicap.

    Some poeple

    I think I'll make this my new motto

    "You shouldn't drive where I can't see you!"

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    Let me point out a simple fact: when one makes his fingers into a fist and applies downward pressure on a car's mirror, said mirror tends to come off.

    Just, you know, throwing that out there.
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    I love how when someone out here makes an arsehole move they instantly pin it on you. Apparently "sorry" isn't in people's vocabulary any more.

    If you wanna say something, speak into the mic. It's right above my balls.

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    I think it's enough to just ask them
    "Do you know you just about killed me? Please be more careful!"
    Be very direct and say what you mean.

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    Why not start a new trend of using turn signals early when doing lane change or turning. This way some (with brain) will get it that its ok and cool to use the turn signals.

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