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    Gear for a skinny guy

    I'm looking to pick up some new gear, but im not exactly fitting most standard sizes. I want to get some good riding pants (textile/denim) and some fullheight street boots. I'm 6'3" and weigh 165lbs, skinny as a beanpole. 30" waist with 34" inseam, hard size to track down.

    Looking at A* drystar textile pants


    Boots im looking at either

    or some Sidi's, I cant find an online dealer that has prices listed but I tried on the B-2's in various sizes and hated them comfort wise. Any other comparative priced models?

    Anyone as awkwardly shaped as I am manage to find some decent looking street gear like these? I dont ride on the track, and im having a hard time tracking down places that actually stock enough gear to be worth the journey.

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    I'm pretty much the same dimensions as you are... very tough to find gear that fits properly. Unfortunately I don't have an easy answer for you.. I have a set of textile pants in XL because I need the length but then I have to tighten the waist band to almost the smallest it goes. They only really somewhat fit me if I keep the liner in them, other than that I just live with it. Jackets are usually too short, so I buy longer length gloves to cover the area that gets exposed. I wear an XL helmet and buy a larger size cheek pad so that it fits.

    For boots I have an older pair of Sidi boots where you can adjust the size of the boot around the calf. I put it to the smallest size and then still have to over extend the velcro to get them to fit. I am looking for a new set of boots and I think Sidi still makes the adjustable ones.

    Let me know if you have any better luck.

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    JR Alter Eego pants come in tall sizes. That might work.

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    Aerostich makes most of it's gear in tall sizes, and it's meant to work being a little baggy so you can fit street clothes into it.

    They've also got a great customer service dept. where you can call in with your measurements, they'll tell you what should fit and they'll ship you out a test suit to try. You can then ship it back and order the exact colour combo you want or say something like "I need an extra 2" of length on the knee to thigh portion for it to be perfect" and they'll make it happen.

    If you get it shipped to a mailbox south of the border you can ship it back without any problems. There's also a large community of folks that have Aerostich gear around who will usually let you test fit their gear to check the sizing.

    I'm a 42L if that helps any.

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    check out rubberside down in Richmond.. just around the corner from 5th gear.. will make to suite... and prices.. for under $600, I am the proud owner of a complete leather set, fits perfect. Gloves, pants, and jacket.. as well, they go the extra mile in the protection areas..

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    Try these guys

    Kevlar Motorcycle Apparel - the Best in the World

    They do custom sizes too and the price is right (one piece suit $800, single jacket $400).
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