My first Track Day
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Thread: My first Track Day

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    My first Track Day

    How to feel a newbie again after close to 30 years of riding bikes? For me it was doing a Track Day at Mission Raceway.
    I had arranged with with a BCSB member to use his ramp for off-loading my bike off my truck. At home I just back up the truck to the bank at the side of the road and ride the bike in the back. Jeff (jfviffer) offered me to use his ramp (that was jokingly described by an other member (Juha) as a "boat launch" because of its size) but we still managed to bottom out the bike because the truck was slightly to high.
    After the bike got off-loaded I took it over to have it inspected. I turned out that I had to do some adjustments to the taping of the lights, after I wash the bike I always spray a detailer on which, of course, doesn't help with the tape sticking to the bike. I also was advised to take my mirrors off instead of just taping them.
    After the bike inspection, the gear inspection. My spine protector, that I ordered through the group buy, had still not come in, but seen as it was only "recommended" for a track day, I figured I would be fine. Gio, from Westcoast Superbike School, that did my inspection, thought it would be better if I had one so he lend me one from their own stash. Thanks man.
    After the inspections, the riders/racers meeting, where Troy instructed the newbies and reminded the racers of the rules in the pit and on the track and what all the different flags, white, green, yellow, checkered, "meatball" etc., meant. After the meeting the more experienced riders were dismissed and the newbies had to stay for some more instructions from Troy on how to sit on your bike and move around from one side to the other for a better lean angle. Now we were ready for the race sessions to begin.
    There were three groups today: the slow and fast racers combined, the fast street riders (had probably been on a track before) and the slow street riders, that I, and thirteen others signed up for.
    Slow Street Riders ready for their first session.
    During the riders/racers meeting Troy had explained that for the first two sessions an experienced racer/instructor would lead the group at a slow-slow pace to show the ideal line and to get used to the track. After that, we would be on our own and could go as fast as we were comfortable. It turned out that there is a difference between a slow-slow street pace and a slow-slow track pace. I forgot to flick the switch from "street" to "track", so I lost my group out of sight in no-time. There I was, all by myself exploring the new track environment, not knowing where the "ideal line" was at a street pace. Now I had to catch up with my out of sight group again by majorly picking up the pace, I could feel my cold tires slipping and sliding on the cold pavement of a track (read: road) that I'm unfamiliar with. Not a good idea! Getting more and more frustrated being thrown in at the deep end like this, thinking that racing might not be my thing. In the meantime I got lapped by my own "Slow Street" group.............
    After the session, I was really disappointed in myself, I walked over to the WCSS quarters to explain what happened, vent my self disappointment and ask for advice. Troy "listened and understood" and decided to ride with me in the next session.
    Second Session.
    I had to wait a little longer after everybody was gone, I think an other rider got a "private" instructor too, for Troy to jump in his leathers and fire up his bike. But finally there we went. Troy was great, looking backwards on the strait stretches to see of I was still following and in the corners if I was able to keep up. Gradually he turned up the pace and I felt great and comfortable this time. I was "racing"!!!
    After this everything went up-hill, I was having a blast, riding at my own pace and level and increasing my skills. And that's what the whole idea is behind these "Track Daze".
    I was able to keep up with most riders, got lapped by a couple (every time the same ones) and even managed to pass others.
    All in all, I had a great day and an even greater experience.

    Kudo's to Westcoast Superbike School for a well organized and fast paced ([u]lots[u] of sessions) Track Day.
    Thank you Troy for giving me the extra, much appreciated, attention.
    Thanks Gio for lending me the back protector.
    Thanks a million to Jeff (jfviffer) and his side kick Juha (who prefers to stay anonymous ) to let me use the ramp and help me load and off-load my bike.
    It was nice talking to you, Bruce(?) (the Ducati guy).
    Nice meeting you, David (105mmgunner).
    All the other people I briefly talked to and of course the racer that provided me with zip-ties to hold my bike together after I removed the mirrors.
    1) My little set-up.
    2) I'm still the proud owner of chicken strips.
    3) Quarters of jfviffer and Juha.
    4) jfviffer
    5) Juha
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    i think you got a lot faster later during the day!!

    it was my first time at Mission, too......i was on the 250c.c. small bike with the italian color scheme.....~

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    was this a "track day" part of a advance riding course?.

    glad it went well for you....

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    congrats on your first time!
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    Nice to no longer be a track virgin.
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    Looks like that rubber got plenty hot...maybe lil chicken strips, but no shortage of melted black stuff.
    Quote Originally Posted by G Hats View Post
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    chicken strips dont mean anything just means your bike was more upright in the corner and u where hanging off more. well thats what Im going to tell ya so u feel better haha just kiddin
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    Good to meet you.

    Kudos for stepping up and pointing out something you werent happy with, that is how things get fixed after all.

    Glad your day ended well and you had a good time. I hope to see you at more days, and if you can bring friends!

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    i got my cherry popped this year too at mission after being leary after 6 yrs of street biggest concern was crashing my new shiney bike...but alas, i find riding on the street dull vs. riding track days!

    congrats for getting out there
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    Thanks for the review, Legal! Good for you for having the balls to do it...Maybe next year I'll give it a try......maybe.
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    ^^^ Yeah was thinking the same thing

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    Talking Well Done Champ...Well done.

    Congrats on gettin out on the track!! Best thing you can ever do to advance your skill level.

    I HIGHLY recommend to anyone, especially those who think you are BAD-ASS on the street, to take a trip to mission for a Track Day.

    This will calm your agression on the street and will put your EGO in Check.

    When you realize that Chicks are Killing it in the 'slow Track' group and you are barely keeping pace in the 'Street' group...then you can tuck your ego in place and enjoy the LEARNING experience.

    I was draggin knee's on the street and will admit to having an CONFIDENT ego till i went to a track day...Was loving the Fast Street group and was hitting harder corners then I ever imagined! It Vented all my riding aggression and left me more than satisfied. The track can take all you can throw at it, and in a safe environment too. No blind corners, no gravel wash, and no horse shit to be surprised by.

    You can ride to your limits, even extend them; and leave knowing you improved your skill immensley.

    Most of all, you can scoff at these punk 'rippers' who think they can rip when in reality, you probably met/saw 15 humble people including broads, who could run laps around them.

    Props to the crew and anyone else invovled with these sessions. Keep it up.
    It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.

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    It was nice to meet you, glad you had a great day and hope to see you out there again sometime soon!

    As for you others taking about having the stones to do it, I'd say it takes more balls to ride on the streets. I know the track can be a bit intimidating, but there's nothing to it really. As long as you keep a level head and don't go out trying to set lap records, you'll be just fine.

    Next track days Aug 24th, even though I just spent 3 days there, already looking forward to it. Ya, I'm not addicted.

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    wow! bunch of awesome people!

    i did one track daze and what a revelation! i am goinna do some more... damn work! i wish summer wasn't busy season for me!

    sounds like you walked away with a GREAT experience!!!

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    i had a similar experience this on saturday with the taste of racing, got a beatuiful fast 2007 GSXR 750, yet people were able to pass me with 86 750s, and the other guy had some old 600, i got the same feeling as you. unfortunately i only got a few laps in, rather than a full day. i would be very happy to do the next track day, but im worried about a couple things, wondering if anyone can help me out. 1. my tires, the edges are barely touched, but the center of the tire does not have much tread left (felt fine during the taste of racing). would this be ok for the track day? and 2. i highsided just about 2 months ago now, broke my collar bone but im all healed now. bike just had cosmetic damage, but the weigh bar on the one side got ripped off, would this be a problem when taking those corners hard or anything? (again it felt fine during the taste of racing). but i kept thinking about it while riding, which isn't good while racing. Any advice?

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