CBR125 does wheelie!
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Thread: CBR125 does wheelie!

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    CBR125 does wheelie!

    I was heading to work north on #4 Road in Richmond this morning in my car, following a young person on a CBR125. The rider moved from the left lane to the right lane just after Blundell, and then almost immediately, I spotted a 2 foot length of building 4x4 sideways, right in the middle of the right lane. I said out loud to myself "Watch out, watch out....". In my mirror, I saw the CB125 hit the obstactle dead centre. The front wheel of the bike jumped a good foot or so in the air, and (kudo's to what I think was a very new rider), he/she kept control and kept going. This could have been a tragic accident, as there was quite a bit of traffic on the road. I don't think the rider needs to be told not to tailgate in future....
    Get that tire and rim checked, too.

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    Damn!! Bet that rider needed a change of clothes after that incident, I mean talk about skid marks.
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    We had a new rider almost 12 one a couple of years back. Lots of revs, first gear, <5kph, dump the clutch .. it WILL lift
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