What is a cool wrap?

Cool Comfort. These “cool wraps” are filled with a gel polymer that absorbs and holds water for days. Simply soak in water for 30 minutes to activate the gel crystals and the crystals expand 200%. Wrap around your neck or forehead for instant cool relief on those hot summer days at the beach, in the garden or out exercising. Hot flash remedy as well. Stay cool for hours. Reusable! Stay cool all day Colors – Available in many designs, including many brand new styles, these are just a few of the colors and styles available. Non-Toxic & Non-Allergenic Made in Canada.

What to use them for?

A cool wrap is a cooling neck or head bandana which provides relief from uncomfortably hot weather and medical conditions.
Hot Vacations
Hot Job Sites
Hot Flashes
Hot Sports Fields
Sore Muscles
Medical Patients
Etc., Etc., Etc.

They make great gifts very unique gift. Many differant styles for men and woman.

They retail for $8.00

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