Overfill during a recent oil change
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Thread: Overfill during a recent oil change

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    Question Overfill during a recent oil change

    I recently changed my oil and filter but I overfilled the oil by a slight margin. The oil is shown as over the high marker in the glass window. Does it matter???

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    Well there's probably a reason for the high marker...

    Unfortunately draining a small amount of oil is going to be a bit more of a headache than adding some.

    Place a container to catch the oil under the oil pan and loosen the bolt a bit with a tool, and then use your hands. You should be able to loosen it enough to start leaking oil, yet without taking it off completely. Drain a bit and tighten, then clean up.

    However, this method will result in small amounts of oil getting trapped in the bolt's thread - probably not a great thing.

    Best thing would be to completely drain the oil into a clean container, clean everything up, tighten the drain bolt, re-fill with the same oil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rideforfun View Post
    I recently changed my oil and filter but I overfilled the oil by a slight margin. The oil is shown as over the high marker in the glass window. Does it matter???
    Depends on what you mean by slight...

    Personally I wouldn't worry if it was no more than 1/16 or 1/8" or something like that.. but if it's half an inch then you could take some out.

    Sacrifice a turkey baster and some hose if you can to suck some out through the filler.
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    personally if it's "slight" such as Don described IMO I wouldn't worry about it. I can actually think of cases where stunters go and add extra oil with no side effects.. it's generally safe to say it's better to have too much as opposed to too little.
    Now If really bothers you, you easily drain a small amount as described.
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    turkey baster is your friend
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    If it's a small amount leave it. If it's like 1/3 of a litre or more, you can just drain and refill. not like it takes a whole lot of time.
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    If it's to the top of the viewing window, is that too much? I've ridden about 300 km now and I haven't noticed no ill-effects so far. Am I safe, or should I suck some out? If it was too much, would I have noticed some ill-effects by now?
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    make sure your on really flat ground, and your handle bars are straight.

    if its a cunt hair over, i wouldn't worry. if your worried, drain a little. make sure that what ever your dropping the oil in is squeeky clean and dry from whatever you were cleaning it with. that way if you drain to much, you can throw it back in.

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    i always have a few syringes around with some plastive tubing.

    great for getting too much oil out and sucking the brake fluid out of reservoirs. among other things.

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