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Thread: Keep it or return it? A new poll!

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    Keep it or return it? A new poll!

    Yup a POLL!

    Background. I bought a new Samsung LCD TV from Best Buy and it has one stuck pixel. I've tried a few suggestions to "unstick" it but with no luck. It's still within the 30 days and the stuck pixel is in the bottom right corner that you wouldn't normally see anyhow.

    So... Keep it or return it?
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    it could be the start of more things about to happen. Plus you will always see it, had a computer screen had a tiny one that was out..On certain colors it really showed mine from best buy too. I retuned it and got another brand
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    Best Buy is surprisingly very good at asking very few questions when it comes to returns and exchanges. In your case, you are perfectly qualified for an exchange.

    Like Mr. Sushi ya ha said, it could only be the beginning of problems.

    Besides, you paid for a brand, spankin' new TV, so you should get one!

    Good luck!
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    Keep it...1 pixel is well within the acceptable tolerances on a TV.

    You have a good of a chance as getting a replacement with the same, but in a worse area of the display.

    The average person doesn't have that keen of an eye, so it's very common that many have dead or stuck pixels, and don't even know it.

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    return it, rant and rave about the hassle and then get them to give you another 12% off for the inconvenience.

    ps - retail is for suckers

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    return it!!
    keep exchanging until you get one w/o any dead pixels. why settle for even one when you should be given a defect free item?

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    Return it.

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    If you paid with 100 cent dollars, you are entitled to 100% of your allotted pixels. Why are you hesitating?

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    return it for another
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    I would buy the extended warranty and keep it. Within 7 years, when more pixels die, you can make a big stink, and they will have to replace it with whatever is the currently available replacement.

    My friend kept doing that, and had a fresh big screen every 5 years. They replaced it twice over 10 years at Futures Shop. Started out with a 46" non-HD RCA projection TV, and the last one they gave him was a 46" HD Samsung a couple of years back.
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    exchange it for another one... why settle for defects off the bat if you paid good money for it?
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    I said keep it because I am lazy, have to pack up the TV, take it back, set up new one, etc etc. When for me, a pixel in the corner I could ignore.
    I understand that for some people it would drive them nuts though!

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    Thats the point of buying LCD at retail.. you can return it until you get a good one.

    It's called the flat panel lottery. Keep playing until you win.

    It may take a few tries to get a perfect one but you wont regret it once you get a perfect panel.
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    Read this:

    You may not be able to return it.
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    I dead pixel is well within the acceptable allowable tolerances for a tv. If you do decide to exchange/return it, stick with the Samsung. In my opinion they make an excellent product far superior to the majority out there. I'm running 3 Samsung LCD's in my place.
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