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I've been abrasive on this thread and I know it. My end result is not to have the great unwashed mass of BCSB suddenly resolve their inter personal problems in life. To that end I could care less how my message is received.
Jesus fuck, buddy. My little couple paragraph rant on page 2, wasn't some giant life crisis, it was an anecdotal little tale of a dumbfuck cop, slowing me down on my to an Ice Capp. Nothing more, I had forgotten allll about it until this morning. It has nothing to do with "interpersonal problems", just a blip of irritation. Quit reading so much into it.

Cruelly ironic thing is, I'm actually more pissed off NOW, than I was at Tim Hortons. And I'm sooooo not pissed off. I'm enjoying my cool air conditioned condo, eating breakfast and playing with my kitten.

Now quit taking shit so fucking seriously.